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Our Featured Snippet Optimization Tool is the quickest, most accurate, and most convenient way to get the data you need to capture position zero in the SERPs. We offer several different pricing and service options, whether you want to buy featured snippet data on its own or you would like us to do all of the work for you with our content optimization services. And when you get access to this tool, you’ll also be able to use two of our other utilities to help your efforts make the maximum impact.

Featured Snippet Data Pricing Options

When you buy access to the Featured Snippet Optimization Tool, you’ll be able to use all of the above utilities. These tools work on a per-keyphrase-search basis: One keyword phrase search credit lets you run the entire set of tools on one keyword phrase.

For instance, if you want to run these tools on 10,000 keyphrases, you’d need 10,000 keyphrase search credits to do so.


2,000 Keyphrase Searches

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was $1,495

10,000 Keyphrase Searches

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was $7,475

50,000 Keyphrase Searches

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"The tool is such a massive time saver. Just 2 weeks ago, I had to put together some featured recommendations for a publishing client and it took me a very long time through various exports via SEMrush and excel manipulation just to get a tally of all the opportunities available. I love the $ value attached to each opportunity outlined in the tool, it will definitely help get the message across to the client on the importance of optimizing a content piece. Awesome time saving tool!" - Jason Mun

"Internet Marketing Ninjas excels at tool development and the featured snippet finder is a great addition. With a surprising depth of query discovery, simple ease of use, and competitor insights, smart marketers can turn the findings into qualified traffic. Impressed by the rich snippet collection. We're working with a site we know well and it looks solid in accuracy. Enjoying this - smart work." - Rhea Drysdale, CEO Outspoken Media

"I really love the tool! Earning Featured Snippets is vital if you want your brand to flourish in the coming age of voice search! Marketing Ninja's Featured Snippet Optimization Tool is a fantastic solution to discover new opportunties and claim those highly coveted position zero results. Better use it now, before you competitiors do!" - Marcus Tandler, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Ryte

What’s Included?

  1. Featured Snippet Optimization Tool

    Enter in your desired keywords and see which featured snippets you already have as well as the ones your competitors have. Our tool organizes this data in a logical, actionable format, showing you which snippets you should focus on and helping you to optimize your content to maximize its snippet potential.

  2. People Also Ask Tool

    Right below the featured snippet on a search results page, you’ll often see the “People also ask” box, listing related questions that you can click to see additional snippets answering them. These queries may also have featured snippets if you search for them directly. Our People Also Ask Tool culls these queries and helps you target their snippets as well.

  3. Searches Related To Tool

    At the bottom of each search results page, you’ll usually see a list of “Searches related to” phrases, listing related keywords that people with this search intent are looking for. The Searches Related To Tool helps you optimize your site for these queries, too.

Featured Snippet Optimization and Other Writing Services

If you’d rather have us take care of optimizing your pages for you, we’d be glad to help. Our optimized content includes:

Our comprehensive content optimization is priced at $1,125 $999.99 per page, with a minimum order of 10 pages.


10 pages of snippet content

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